Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions
Rental Period

Our vehicles can be rented for at least 24 hours daily and 30 days monthly.

User Information

Only the person(s) specified in the contract and delivery form can use the rented vehicle. No damage assurance is valid for damages that may occur if third parties not specified in the contract use the vehicle.

Driver's Licenses

The documents requested, provided that at least one of them has a chip at the time of vehicle delivery, are listed below, along with the driver's license limitations.

• Identity Card (Passport with a stamp to enter the country within the last 6 months for Foreign Customers)

• Driver's license (Foreign country driver's licenses must contain Latin letters)

In all rental transactions, in addition to old or new identity documents, a driver's license appropriate to the vehicle class being rented must be presented. Service cannot be provided when there is only one ID and driver's license.
• For Economy Class Vehicles: A minimum of 1 year's driving license is required.

• For Middle Class Vehicles: A minimum of 3 years' driving license is mandatory.

• For Upper Class and SUV type Vehicles: A minimum of 3 years' driving license is mandatory.

Driver Age

To rent a car, you must be over 21 years old and have a Group B driver's license for at least 1 year. Vehicles can be rented for middle and upper class vehicles by charging a young driver fee, provided that the condition of being over 21 years of age and driving license period is maintained.

• For Economy Segment Vehicles: At least 21 years of age

• For Middle Segment Vehicles: At least 23 years old

• For upper class and SUV type vehicles: At least 25 – 27 years old

Additional Driver

In order for the vehicle to be used by a person(s) other than the renter, it is possible to add the Driving License information of the additional driver to the Rental Agreement for an additional fee. In case of any accident by the user and/or users who are not included in the rental agreement, all assurances will be deemed invalid and both the renter and the person(s) driving the vehicle will be held separately and jointly responsible. A maximum of 2 additional drivers can be defined for a vehicle. Rentals can be made within the age and driver's license year conditions specified in the vehicle groups. If these conditions are not met, you can purchase the "Young Driver" service package and rent within the limits of this package. The Young Driver service package also includes the “Super Mini Damage Assurance” service. You can learn the Additional Driver and Young Driver Service fees from our reservation center and branches.

Credit card

At the time of vehicle delivery, it is mandatory to have one or two credit cards issued in the driver's name to cover the vehicle rental fee, additional fees and the deposit amount. The number of credit cards you need to have with you according to the type of vehicle you will rent is listed below.

• For economy and middle class vehicles: Single credit card

• For upper class and SUV type vehicles: Single credit card / Double credit card

If the driver uses a company credit card (commercial card), a confirmation letter on letterhead, a stamp with the company's trade name and a wet signature are required. The person signing must be a company partner or a member of the board of directors. The signature circular of the person who signed is required.

Terms of payment

The total rental amount and security deposits are collected at the beginning of the rental via the credit card of the person renting the vehicle. There is no cash payment, debit or virtual card application.

The rental agreement is opened at the time of rental and is regulated according to the laws and practices of the country where the rental is made. ALOCAR General Rental Conditions apply for rentals.

The difference in the invoice amount that may occur at the end of the rental will be collected or refunded at the rental point. The credit card holder must be present in person during rental. Rentals cannot be made with someone else's credit card. In addition to the rental fee, a certain amount of collateral is collected from the credit card presented by the customer, depending on the brand and model of the vehicle to be rented. For this reason, there must be limit availability (as much as the total cost of rent and security deposit).

Coverage Fee

During vehicle delivery, a certain amount of security fee is collected from the driver's credit card (or cards) registered in his/her name, depending on the vehicle groups. These amounts are stated below.

• For economy class vehicles: 10,000 TL

• For middle class vehicles: 20,000 TL

• For upper class and SUV type vehicles: 50,000 TL

These collected deposit amounts are fully refunded within 21 days at the latest, if no additional amount has been incurred at the end of the lease. For vehicle groups with dual credit cards, the credit cards presented for deposit payment must be from different banks.

In order for your reservation to be finalized, your financial analysis* ( Findeks ) must comply with ALOCAR CAR RENTAL LIMITED COMPANY rental criteria.
*“Your financial analysis is provided by KKB Kredi Kayit Bureau A.Ş. (shortly 'KKB') via T.R. It can be done with your ID number and GSM number registered in Turkish banks. After this information is received in the inquiry, you must confirm the message sent to your GSM number registered in Turkish banks.

You accept and declare that this query is made with your knowledge and explicit consent and that you have read and understood the information atği-politikasi.aspx. Eşmen Oto Kiralama A.Ş. has no responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of member information processed by KKB as a result of this inquiry.

Vehicle Return Period

• There is a 2-hour option period for vehicle deliveries. No fee is charged for delays of up to 2 hours.

• In case of a delay of 2 hours or more, a full day's amount will be charged additionally based on the currently valid car rental fee and additional product fee.


The rented vehicle must be delivered with the fuel level it was received at. If the vehicle is delivered with missing fuel, the missing fuel fee and an additional 250 TL fuel filling service fee will be charged. For diesel vehicles, AdBlue fee will be charged according to the km traveled during the rental process.

Traffic Fines

Any liability and financial traffic fines arising from non-compliance with the traffic laws in force belong to the user. Traffic and illegal bridge and highway toll penalties incurred during the rental period of the vehicle but received after the end of the rental are collected from the person and/or company specified in the rental agreement. The time that will pass due to the vehicles being held by official or local authorities for whatever reason is considered within the contract period. Traffic fines written on the license plate are paid at a discount when the traffic fine is notified to us and are collected from our customers' credit cards; A service fee for traffic fines is also applied simultaneously.

HGS/OGS Transitions

All HGS/OGS transitions made during the rental process belong to the customer. When returning a vehicle, HGS/OGS passes are calculated and collected. Transitions reflected after the return process originating from the HGS system are also the responsibility of the customer and are collected from the credit card registered in the system. Relevant transitions are communicated to our customers via e-mail.

The customer is responsible for any penalties that may arise in case of not informing the return office (failure to submit the pass slip) for illegal passes through HGS/OGS toll booths.

In addition to HGS/OGS passes, HGS Service Fee is collected.

One Way Fees

If the vehicle is picked up from one city and returned to another city, a one-way fee prescribed by ALOCAR is applied. Fee information varies by office and can be viewed at the reservation stage.

Mileage Limit

We have daily km limits on our vehicles. Km limits change daily and you can view the relevant km limits at the reservation stage. Monthly car rentals have a limit of 4,000 km in the Economic and Medium group, and 3,000 km in the SUV and Upper class. In cases where the km limit is exceeded, a km excess fee of 5 TL is collected for Economic Group Vehicles, 6 TL for Medium Group Vehicles and 8 TL for SUV-Upper Segment Vehicles.

Additional Km Packages

If the daily km limits are not sufficient, you can purchase additional km packages offered by ALOCAR. Additional km packages can be purchased at the beginning of the rental, but km packages cannot be purchased during the rental process or when returning the vehicle. You can view additional km packages in the additional services area during the reservation phase.

Renting with a Foreign Driving License

Turkish citizens who will rent know and accept that it is only possible to drive in our country with driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries under the following terms and conditions:

1. Driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries can be used for a maximum of 1 year from the date of entry into our country.

2. Those who have been in our country for more than six months are required to have the Turkish translation of their driver's license approved by foreign representatives or a notary, along with their driver's license, while driving.

3. At the end of one year, in order to drive in our country, the driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries must be replaced with our country's driver's license.

Foreign nationals who will rent know and accept that it is possible to drive in our country with the driver's licenses they have obtained from foreign countries under the following terms and conditions:

1. With driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries, a vehicle can be used for a maximum of six months from the date of entry into our country.
2. At the end of six months, in order to be able to drive in our country, it is mandatory to replace the driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries with our country's driver's license.

When renting with a foreign driver's license, the relevant driver's license must be translated to be presented to the insurance company in case of possible accidents. The cost arising from translation operations is the responsibility of the customer.

Important note

Vehicles are not allowed to cross country borders.
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